_dsc6694OLIVER TAKES HOME BIG WIN!| 6.18.11

SPD Racing LLC and David Oliver have had a rough start to the year.  Although both cars have been handling good, mechanical failures have been an issue.  In the first PASS race of the season at Beech Ridge, David was racing in the top ten when the car shut off on lap 108.  The crew replaced parts they thought were the issue.  The next PASS race at Star found Oliver racing for 5th with the car that eventually won the race, and again the car shut off on lap 108.  More parts were replaced with the final decision being to replace the battery.  After testing at Oxford, the issue for this car seems to have been corrected.

The opening Beech Ridge Race was fogged out and double features were held the following week.  David brought the #21 car to a third place finish in the first race.  While racing in the top ten for the second race, an axel broke on the car and Oliver finished last.

The trend continued Saturday night.  David took the car out in the first and third practices and just as he told the crew via radio that the car was awesome, the throw out bearing which controls the clutch blew up and of course this would be the night of the only 100 lap race.  With Scott and Penny Blake being out of town, Oliver was considering loading the car but thanks to his crew and a couple of friends-Joey Pastore and Shawn Plowman, everyone worked hard and got the car on the track just as the command to prepare your cars for competition was given.  Starting 19th in the field, David continued to work through traffic picking cars off.  He raced several laps behind #12(Steve Berry) and #40(Dan McKeague) before the #40 was able to get passed Berry.  David then raced Berry for several laps before clearing him and finishing his pursuit of the leader-Bill Rodgers(#53).  Oliver was in second place when a caution flag came out with 15 laps to go for a spin by McKeague.  On the restart, Oliver was able to get by Rodgers and maintained the lead for the final laps and first win of the season.

Scott and Penny want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication and Congratulate David on the win.  What a wonderful Father’s Day present for Scott.

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SPD Racing 21 was formed in 2007 by Scott and Penny Blake. The couple has been involved in racing for nearly three decades, and have always been NASCAR fans with great memories of attending Daytona and other racing events with their children on family vacations. Their daughter Kari’s marriage to David Oliver, himself a Beech Ridge Motor Speedway veteran, rekindled interest in carrying on a fond family tradition.  SPD Racing 21 was formed.

They purchased a car from Garry Johnson in the summer of 2007, and had it ready to compete in the final three races of that season. Over the winter of 2007-2008, the team acquired sponsorship from HP Hood LLC.

The SPD Racing 21 crew is made up entirely of family members and friends.  David’s  Uncle George, Aunt Andrea, and cousin, Phil, veterans from David’s old team, joined SPD Racing 21 for the 2007 and 2008 seasons.  Penny is the owner, Scott is the crew chief/chief mechanic, and their son Jason along with Scott’s sister, Michelle, her husband, Tom and longtime friend Michael Dyer all work with the team.

For the 2009 season, SPD Racing 21 welcomed another friend, Adam Ricci as well as David’s other uncle, Tom Oliver. Both have either driven or drive racecars in a different class and bring a wealth of information to the team.  The 2010 season welcomes Lee Trask to the team.

If you would like to contact SPD Racing 21 you can email penny@spdracing21.com.